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At Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated, we know that clogged plumbing can wreak havoc on your home or business. Plumbing keeps liquids contained in pipes, and when those pipes fail, it's messy! When you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet, you expect it to work, and when it doesn't work, it can render your home unlivable. Considering there is no such thing as a good time for a leaky pipe or clogged plumbing, our team at Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated wants to help resolve your plumbing issue, which is why we offer same-day appointments for your convenience.

Comprehensive Plumbing Installations & Repairs:

Your home or business is important to you, and we know that when you have a plumbing emergency, you want it resolved immediately. That is why a call to Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated is always the right call! As a full-service plumbing company, we are a convenient call to meet all your plumbing service needs. We can dispatch a professional licensed plumber to your home or business to get everything operational before it disrupts your life any further. We have been serving Lodi residents for more than 100 years, and during that time we have built a solid reputation as heating, AC, and plumbing professionals committed to our local community.

If you have a plumbing emergency in Lodi, Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated is the place to call! Contact our professionals online or give us a call at (209) 340-0933!

Trusted Lodi Plumbing Repair Services – Call Us Today!

The plumbing in your home or business serves a very important function, and when it fails, your home falls into chaos and messiness. Our Lodi plumbing service technicians, we know that failed plumbing can ruin your day. But it doesn't have to be that way! Calling in our team of plumbers at Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated can save the day!

Whether it's your toilets or sinks that have stopped working, we can repair it all. Our experienced team of professionals at Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated knows there is not a DIY fix for a plumbing failure that will last as long as a professional repair. Don't risk your home to unlicensed or subpar work. We have financing and payment plans so that nothing has to stand in the way of you receiving the plumbing help you need.

Signs You Need a Plumbing Repair in Lodi – Don't Wait!

At Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated, we want our Lodi customers to keep their home's plumbing working as it should. While some plumbing issues are obvious, others may be easily overlooked. The following signs may be a warning that you need plumbing help:

  • Higher than normal water bills - If you find that your water bill has spiked without you making any huge changes in water usage, there is likely an unknown leak.
  • Irregular faucet flow - Inconsistent water flow could be a sign that there is a breakage or leak in your home's pipes.
  • Constant Flushing Issues - While you may overlook a clogged toilet, this can be a more serious issue if it occurs often.
  • Stains on ceilings and walls - If you're noticing stains and damp areas on your ceilings and walls, there could be a plumbing issue.

Why Choose Professional Lodi Plumbers – Save Time & Money

It is our mission to continue to offer the same quality, skilled plumbing repair service that Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated has spent a century providing. We can help you prevent making a plumbing inconvenience worse. Don't ignore that leaky pipe, running toilet, or a dripping faucet. Repair is cheaper than ignoring a small issue. Don't allow your small plumbing problem to grow into a larger one. Call today if you need repairs. We have same-day appointments to make sure we can help you when you need us!

We understand that this may be your first plumbing problem, so you may not be sure about what you need in a plumber. You just know that you want to get back to enjoying your home. You're not alone, none of us want to be bothered with plumbing failures, leaks, or clogged pipes. So, if you suspect that your plumbing is at risk because of age or exposure, then let the team at Henderson Brothers Company Incorporated help! We will work to ensure that your small problem doesn't become a big emergency.

Need a Skilled Plumber in Lodi? Contact Henderson Brothers Co. Now! Contact our offices at (209) 340-0933 to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us online today!

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